…The crisis of extenction of the theatrical troupe "Taihen".…

The theatrical troupe "Tahihen" has reached its 30th year. We have built up the expression activity of disability people since the establishment, in not only Japan, but also the world.
We found the troupe in the opinion that performing arts could be composed of only disabilities’ bodies. It has changed into that it is important that cooperation with able-bodied people involved in background work and we have been improving quality of our activities according to the cooperative system.

However, social situation has changed. we are not sure if we can continue our activity from this April.
that is; we are facing a crisis that we might no longer put on a stage!
Despite the adversity, we never give up. If we can keep the place where we gather and keep connection with each other, we can continue pursuing our performance.
For the purpose of it, we are searching means of self-reliance. Therefore...

We need your help!!

In order to maintain a place to connect people to each other, some expense is needed. For an activity by disability people, some hands are required.
We would like you to get further understanding about our performing arts to have a part to play a role leading the breakthrough of the crisis on us.
Now we ask you for a favor about 4 things as follows;

◆Subscriprion of the magazine “IMAJU the crossroad of cultures”

you get 3 issues in a year. 500yen/ issue.
Considering about issuing costs, we need at least 1000 people subscripting our magazine. Our current goal is 2000 subscription contracts. We also appreciate if you would recommend and buzz about this magazine.
» about “IMAJU the crossroad of cultures”(Japanese)

◆Purchase of IMAJU back numbers set

a set of issue 1-25 or 26-50 (excluding out-of-stock ones ) for 5000yen
It is regrettable but now we have an amount of stocks of the magazine IMAJU because of decline of subscription. Will you please consider to buy them?

◆Activation of Metamor-hall

At Metamor-hall (our practice place) placed 3 minutes walk from JR (Japan Railways) Higashi-yodogawa station, we have various events. Please join to well-formulated ones proactively. Your participation equals your support at the same time. We assure that our performance is worth the fee.
We can lend the space for a reasonable fee when we do not use it. Just ask us for the detail if you are interested in.

◆Supporting membership

your 5000yen per year supports our independence.
As a special offer, we will discount fees of stages and events.

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